How To Make A Quillow

(It’s a quilt that folds into a pillow)

Things You’ll Need

Fabric, thread, pins, sewing machine, scissors, iron, batting (optional)

Purchase your fabric (fleece, flannel, and cotton are all good choices). However, if you aren’t a handy dandy seamstress, you could buy a blanket you like and just add the pocket. Who will know?

Also, you can add batting between two layers of fabric or you can also make your planket/quillow/special project with a single layer of blanket to save space. 

If you’re going with a single layer, consider trimming the edges and folding a nice hem all the way around for a neat, clean, and more durable look. And remember to choose a fabric that looks good from both sides.

Now comes the math. You don’t want me to do math. Not even with a calculator. So I found this great sketch on Pinterest from  These dimensions are 6 feet long (or tall) and 3 1/2 feet wide. The pocket is 18 inches by 18 inches. 

Can you have different dimensions? Definitely, provided you keep in mind that your blanket needs to fold into your pocket and you give room for seam allowance.

It doesn’t matter which you sew first, blanket or pocket, but they are sewn much the same way. Right sides together. On the pocket, leave the side away from the top edge open. On the blanket leave a 12 inch opening on one side so that you can turn the blanket right side out. You will want to finish off the seams on the open side of the pocket.

Leave the pocket wrong side out and pin it to the right side out blanket on the top edge and both sides. remember to leave the open side unpinned. Sew the three pinned sides.

Pat yourself on the back and toss that planket/quillow/special project over your legs while you relax with a book and some coffee!

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