Who I Am and Why I’m Here

Thanks for visiting my blog. Glad you’re here. I’m Cynthia Walsh. I’m a wife, mom, Christian, life-long student, small business owner, and budding blogger.  I also live with multiple chronic illnesses so I’m a nimble manager of physical symptoms and a world-class napper. 

This blog is here because many clients ask questions about styling tips, how to select clothing to flatter their figures, how to treat a headache with essential oils, how aromatherapy works (it really does!), and even how to be successful working from home.   Sharing those answers for whoever else might be interested, even with links to articles, businesses, or products that might be useful, seems like a natural extension of what I do and who I am. 

But the blog isn’t about “me.” It’s about sharing with you, helping you become a more confident, happier, well-adjusted, secure individual who can face the world, stepping out into it without tripping over the hem of your skirt. You’ve got this and I’m right behind you.

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