57 Channels of Fashion Nothingness

How do you manage when you are struggling with shopping for clothes? Do you try everything under the sun on or do you try on the same styles over and over again and end up feeling deflated? Do you go to new stores or the same ones? What kind of advice would you like from a Fashion Fairy Godmother? What happens for you when there are 57 fashion channels in front of you, but nothing is on? This I want to know so that I can help you resolve these dilemmas. Share with me!

I was in the car heading home from a doctor’s appointment and had the radio blasting because a) good music is always better loud; and b) the good songs were playing one after another. Then it happened. A song I don’t like came on. I clicked to another station. Yuck. Another one had a commercial playing. And another and another. Remember the old Bruce Springsteen tune “57 Channels”? Yeah, nothing was on. It was all commercials and songs with no meaning or oomph. 

And it hit me. THAT’S WHAT SHOPPING FOR CLOTHES CAN BE LIKE! So many people dislike shopping for clothes because nothing feels right ON. They change stores (turn the dial) and still don’t get what they are looking for. So if it’s music they can’t find, they turn the radio (or Sirius XM) off or put on their own pre-recorded music. If it’s clothing they can’t find, they often simply give up and stick to what they know even if they don’t like it or simply give up and quit shopping for something new and settle for what’s hanging in their closet.

For me, I never faced that because I had my mother.  She was a whiz at fashion, fabrics, clothing, and wearing clothes to flatter. I was blessed to have her. Most people, however, don’t have someone like that. Here’s the good news:  you have me! Let me help you. I totally enjoy helping women find clothing silhouettes and prints that make them feel fashionable and well-dressed. What happens when you feel fashionable and well-dressed? You feel good because you know you look good. And that, my friends, gives you confidence. 

I’ll be posting a couple of posts about dressing for your shape (figure) and what those shapes are. I hope you’ll find those insights helpful and encouraging to you. I might even take a huge plunge and make some styling videos. Is anyone up for those?

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